Garden hose

Green flexible stretch hose

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Green flexible stretch hose
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  To Dear Customers: How to make your inquiry efficient                                         

1. Please make clear which type of connect you need: Type A/Type B/Type C  

2. Please make clear which packing method you need: poly bag/color box      

3.   Please   m   ake clear which means of transportation you need:by air/by sea    



Green flexible stretch hose




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Feature of high quality  brass fitting expanding hose pipe

1) Twist free, tangle free, kink free

2) Expand up to 3 times of its length and contracts back instantly

3) Extremely lightweight

4) Durable, reliable all weather hose

5) Includes easy release connectors

6) Make watering easy&hassle free Specification: Size of Inner  hose: 6mm*9mm Length:    25FT; 50FT;  75FT; 100FT after filling water Fittings: Hose W/ plastic connectors for American or Europe.

7) How Does It Works: The expanding hose is an amazing hose that expands 3 times its length instantly and still provides a high pressure spray. It is very simple to use, just turn on the water and the expanding hose will magically expand. Once you are done watering just turn it off and the expanding hose will magically shrink back to less than 1/3 of its size. The expanding hose is made of heavy duty and expandable technology materials. It will make watering an easy and fun task!


    Detailed descriptions of  brass fitting expanding hose pipe


    expandable garden hose

Item No.




Expand Rate





25F   /50FT/75FT/100FT


Ploy bag/Color box

Lead time

10-20days after  30% deposit received


    Different  connectors of  brass fitting expanding hose pipe

Type A normally used in European coutries/Type B normally used in Asia countries

Type C European style with quick connectors


 Latex 25FT50FT75FT  Expandable Hose for Garden expandable water pipe 3x TV hot-selling1.jpg


Differnet packing methods for you to choose







What makes our expandable garden hose better than others    



To avoid Leaking problem   :

We are one of the first manufacturer producing this product, and now we have done a lot to solve the problems.  For leaking, we now put    thicker o-ring    in it and we have more    skilled assembling workers   now.And some cheap connector will crack, it will also result in the leaking. Our    Plastic is   stronger.



hFH9000 Expandable garden hose.jpge inneIMG_8386.jpgr hose       

As you know there is fabric outside the inner hose, one of the function is to protect the inner hose. Here below is the comparision of the material we use now and the material other suppliers may use.


Ordinary fabric can endure    15bar    max pressure, and our strengthened fabric can endure  30bar    max pressure. Our fabric has gone through    high temperature    to make it more strong and tight. Also dont absorb water easily.


 IMG_8382_.jpgmagic hose.jpg




Any question, please feel free to contact:


 skype: feihu.hose05






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